Precision Protective & Security Services are the professional security service providers you can count on. Based in Rock Hill, South Carolina, we cater to residential and commercial clients in Rock Hill, Greenville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Fort Mill, and Lancaster.

We hold the coveted memberships of the USAA, NAA, SLED Training Center, and PPSB Training Center.

Precision Protective & Security Services
Precision Protective & Security Services

What Sets Us Apart

  • Quality Services: Your satisfaction is our top priority! We offer a wide array of security and protection services at a fair price.
  • Values: We are a local company that believes in the values of honesty and integrity in our business practices.
  • Total Peace of Mind: Our highly trained officers will leave you with a feeling of confidence that’s unmatched and unbeatable!
  • Proactive Approach: With our professionally proactive strategies we go beyond the standard "Observe and Report" and improve the communities with change for a better place to live.

Meeting your security needs while exceeding your expectations has always been our mission through the 120 years of leadership and experience! With our dedicated client service and active involvement; we have turned many communities into a better place to live in.

Meet The Team

Precision Protective & Security Services has dynamic team members. All the members are well equipped with rich industry experience and hold licenses and certificates from prominent institutions.

Precision Protective & Security Services

Michael J Grisanti

Michael is the chief of the company. He has 15 years of industry experience and is a certified professional. He holds Security Operator License, SLED/PPSS Armed Certified, Hand to Hand Combat Inst, Taser Inst, OC Inst, Baton Inst, CPR/First Aid Inst, Drug Recognition, EVOC/CEVO certified/inst. He is specialized in Client Relations, Sales, CRIME Team (high-risk residential) Commander.

Precision Protective & Security Services

Orlando T. Tarsitano

Orlando holds the position of Lt. over Private Investigations Division. He is a Private Investigator License Holder, Radar/Traffic Instructor, Accident reconstruction specialist, SLED armed certified. He has rich experience in the industry of over 50 years; he is former Albany Police Detective, former Commandant of Training of Mecklenburg County Sheriffs Dept, former Security Company Owner. His specialty lies in private investigations.

Precision Protective & Security Services

Steven Tarsitano

Steven is Captain/Training and Spec. Ops & Captain and Operations Manager at Precision Protective & Security Services. He is PPSB/SLED armed certified, substantial security company ownership experience, Armed Instructor, K9 narcotics instructor, High-risk traffic stop Instructor and has 30 years of experience. His area of specialty is all facades of special operations, CRIME Team Member & Training.

Precision Protective & Security Services

Our Guarantee

My Personal Guarantee To You, Our Valued Client

When selecting any service for your business or personal life, it is important to ensure that you get the best value for your hard earned money. When it comes to your security needs, ask yourself one question - What am I paying for?

In this day and age, there are numerous security companies with a variety of selling points and sales pitches. I personally do not try to sell to a client; instead, I want to show you how we can be a part of your success and reduce your liability. My guarantee to you is that we will NEVER be out-valued by ANY company EVER. The value you get from us is unparalleled to that of ANY other company. Some may cost less than Precision but ask yourself, What am I paying for?  I guarantee what we provide for the price is the absolute BEST value you will find ANYWHERE ELSE!

Thank you for your interest in Precision Protective and Security Services!

Michael J Grisanti, CEO